Spot prawn cash sales & pre-orders now available!

Live Spot Prawns - Pre-Order

Live Spot Prawns - Pre-Order

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Limited PRE-ORDERS for PICK UP are now available!

Order by 6pm each night for next day pick ups.

To order more than 1 pound, increase the "quantity" of your order using the "+".

In order to continue operating this pre-order service, please note a small "guaranteed pre-order fee" of $3 will be added to each order to help offset increased fuel costs and to alleviate staffing shortages post-pandemic.

    IMPORTANT - Pick Up Instructions:

    Bypass the cash line up and head down to the Steveston Spot Prawns boat, look for the "Pre-Order" sign to pick up your prawns.

    When picking up live spot prawns, please try and bring your own bucket, pot or other waterproof container in order to avoid requiring a single use plastic bag. Once transferred, keep them as cool and dry as possible. Most importantly, do not let them die in water.  If that happens, an enzyme is released from within a prawn’s head that can cause the meat to turn mushy when cooked. For this reason, we do not add ice to our bags when we sell prawns. When the ice melts and turns to water without aeration, the prawn can drown and possibly spoil, plus the water may leak and make a mess in your bag or vehicle.

    Market price for cash sales at the wharf may fluctuate depending on supply conditions.

    We are committed to fulfilling your pre-order, however, this is a live product and there are many variables out of our control which may impact the availability. In the unlikely event that we cannot fulfill your pre-order for these reasons, we will reschedule your pickup date or issue a full refund.

    Any requested changes to your order may result in an additional $5 service fee.  Refunds will be provided for cancellations; however, may be subject to a 10% restocking fee due to the live nature of the product.  Please note the "guaranteed pre-order fee" of $3 is non-refundable for requested cancellations.

    Talk to us:

    If you have questions or would like to arrange for a large bulk order, please reach out to us at

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